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Design - Appraisal - Fire Protection for Industrial Factory

With Double L, your factory project is in professional hands!

It's a commitment! For every factory, fire and explosion safety is always the top priority, especially in the current context where all technical aspects require precision and strict compliance. Double L takes pride in providing- professional, reputable, and prompt Fire Prevention and Protection Certificate services. With our team of experienced experts, we commit to providing consultancy, inspection, and licensing services that ensure compliance with Vietnamese standards, helping your factory operate safely, efficiently, and in accordance with all legal regulations.
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Design - Appraisal - Fire Protection for Rooftop Solar Power Systems on Industrial Factory

Double L - Protecting the green and safe future of your business!

In a world increasingly shifting towards renewable energy, solar power plants play a crucial role in providing a clean, efficient power supply. However, ensuring safety during operation is indispensable. Double L is proud to introduce our professional, reputable, and expedient Fire Prevention and Protection Certificate service for your solar power plant project. Our team of experts, with their profound knowledge and practical experience, is committed to providing an optimal fire prevention and protection solution that meets all international standards while quickly carrying out the necessary procedures, helping your project operate safely and efficiently.
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Related permits for constructing a factory in the Industrial Zone

With Double L, your factory project is in professional hands!

Every factory project requires meticulous preparation, from planning to execution. To help you achieve the desired progress and ensure compliance with all legal regulations, Double L offers a professional, reputable, and expedient Building Permit service for factory projects. With our team of experts who have extensive knowledge and practical experience, we are committed to supporting our clients at every step, minimizing risks, and optimizing processes from the preparation of documents to the receipt of the permit.
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Double L not only provides fire protection services but also provides in-depth advice on effective fire prevention methods, helping us better understand the process and safety factors.

Mr. Hau HSE manager - Perfecti Vietnam

Double L's technician team is very professional and friendly. They explain every issue in an easy-to-understand way and propose solutions suitable to the specific situation of the project.

Tran Xuan Vinh VSIP EDM Dept

We have used Double L's services for a long time and have not been disappointed. Double L always offers the most suitable and safe solutions to ensure the stable operation of our factory.

Ngo Chi Vinh Plant manager - Michelin Factory

Double L's consulting service quality is very good. They always ensure that our fire protection system operates at its best and complies with all safety regulations.

Lê Văn Quang Plant Manager - Coherent

Double L is a trusted partner in providing fire protection solutions for the projects we pursue. Their services are not only professional but also reliable and efficient. Reducing investment costs for investors helps us save more [...]

Võ Trí Nguyên Tổng Giám Đốc cty NICON


What services does Double L offer in the field of fire prevention and fighting (FPF)?

We provide services including the design and approval of FPF systems for industrial buildings, FPF for solar power plants, inspection and acceptance of FPF systems, training on FPF, and support in obtaining FPF certificates for projects.

How can Double L help my business comply with fire safety regulations?

With our expertise and industry experience, we offer detailed consultations and support both in the preparation of documents and in the management and execution of necessary procedures to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.

What is the process for obtaining a Fire Prevention and Fighting (FPF) Certificate at Double L?

The process of obtaining a Fire Protection License (PCCC) at Double L may include the following steps: Contact and reques;, Information gathering; Inspection, evaluation, and compliance confirmation; License issuance; Compliance and maintenance. The specific process may vary depending on the regulations of the local and national authorities, and Double L provides tailored assistance to guide the Business through detailed and accurate instructions.

Why should I choose Double L for the FPF project of my industrial factory?

Double L brings professionalism and credibility, with a team of experienced experts with deep knowledge and understanding of the legal regulations in Vietnam. We are committed to providing optimal FPF solutions, ensuring safety and compliance with all regulations, helping your project operate efficiently and safely.

Does Double L provide consultation on legal regulations related to Fire Prevention and Fighting (FPF)?

Yes, we offer robust legal consultation to ensure that your business operates effectively and with peace of mind in all aspects related to fire safety.



Double L understands what you need in Vietnam and we customize our services to meet those requirements.

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