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Fire prevention and fighting licenses are becoming increasingly important for businesses and manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, especially for large-scale factories like those of Double L. Heightened attention to fire safety reflects not only a responsibility towards the community but also complies with legal regulations to ensure the safety of workers and the assets of the business.

  1. The Importance of a Fire prevention and fighting licenses

A Fire prevention and fighting license is a legal document required for constructions and enterprises to prove full compliance with fire prevention and fighting regulations. For Double L's factory, having a Fire prevention and fighting license not only enables legal operations but also enhances credibility and social responsibility. Additionally, it minimizes financial and human resource risks in the event of a fire.

2. Instances Requiring Fire Safety Permits

Under Decree 136/2020/ND-CP, the following establishments are required to obtain fire safety permits:
- State agencies;
- Educational and healthcare facilities;
- Recreational, entertainment, and service establishments;
- Shopping centers, markets, and supermarkets;
- Accommodation facilities such as hotels and motels;
- Factories, enterprises, and warehouses;
- Critical infrastructure such as airports, seaports, and railway stations.

3. Fire Safety Permit Application Dossier

The application dossier for a fire safety permit includes:
- A written request for the permit issuance;
- A copy of the business registration certificate or equivalent document;
- A list and copies of fire safety certificates of the relevant individuals;
- Copies of professional qualifications and documents proving the necessary material conditions.

4. Fire Safety Permit Application Process

The process for applying for a fire safety permit is as follows:
1. Prepare the application dossier as prescribed;
2. Submit the dossier to the competent authority;
3. Check the legal documents and receive the application;
4. Provide guidance for supplementation if the application is incomplete;
5. Issue the permit within 7 working days if the application meets the standard.

5. Validity of the Fire Safety Permit

The fire safety permit's validity varies depending on the type:
- For the transportation of hazardous goods: Valid for one-time use or no more than 24 months;
- For fire safety training: Valid for 5 years;
- Other types of permits may not have a specific validity period specified.

6. Legal Basis

The legal regulations related to the fire safety permit include:
- The Fire Prevention and Fighting Law No. 27/2001/QH10;
- Decree No. 136/2020/ND-CP;
- Circular No. 66/2014/TT-BCA.

7. Why Utilize Double L Company's Services for Fire Safety Permit Applications?
Applying for a Fire Safety Permit (FSP) is a crucial and often complex process, involving the preparation of a comprehensive dossier, as well as an understanding of the necessary regulations and technical standards. Here are the reasons why choosing Double L's services can be a wise decision when applying for an FSP:

  • In-depth Consultation: Double L can provide professional consulting services, helping to clarify any issues related to business operations and FSP requirements, ensuring that businesses clearly understand the applicable regulations and standards.
  • Operational Orientation: The FSP registration process can significantly impact the future activities of a business. Double L can help accurately guide this process from the outset.
  • Complex Legal Procedures: The legal procedures related to FSP often require initiative and interactions with various government agencies. Double L has the necessary experience to streamline this process.
  • Time and Resource Savings: Undertaking the procedures for obtaining a fire safety permit can consume a lot of time and resources. Utilizing Double L's services can help businesses focus on their core operations, avoiding the waste of time and resources.
  • Reputation and Long-term Support: As a reputable company, Double L not only assists businesses in addressing the initial legal procedures but also supports them throughout their subsequent operations, providing peace of mind and readiness for any arising situations.

Choosing Double L means selecting a trustworthy partner who can support your business through every stage of the fire safety permit process, from dossier preparation to dealing with complex legal issues.

Indeed, factories and manufacturing businesses in Vietnam must prioritize fire safety to adhere to legal requirements and safeguard their working environment and assets. Obtaining a fire safety permit demonstrates compliance and a dedication to safety standards, which is crucial for effective risk management in any business. Double L is your reliable partner in achieving comprehensive fire safety compliance.



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