Vinamilk Leads Vietnam's Dairy Industry in its Carbon Neutral Journey, Achieving Certification for Three Units


Vinamilk has just officially had another factory recognized as carbon neutral, continuing to promote environmentally friendly production. Before the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders takes place, Vinamilk announced that Vietnam Beverage Factory has achieved carbon neutral certification according to international standards PAS 2060:2014.

Vinamilk hiện đang quản lý ba cơ sở, bao gồm hai nhà máy và một trang trại, đã đạt được chứng nhận trung hòa carbon, minh chứng cho những nỗ lực không ngừng của công ty hướng tới mục tiêu Net Zero vào năm 2050.


Recently, Vinamilk's Vietnam Beverage Factory received Carbon neutral certification (PAS 2060:2014) from the British Standards Institute (BSI). This certification confirms that the factory has neutralized a total of 3,410 tonnes of CO2e under scope 1 and scope 2. This achievement is the result of a combination of reducing emissions during production and Maintaining a green tree fund to absorb greenhouse gases over the years.

Vietnam Beverage Factory, located in Ben Cat town, Binh Duong province, was built by Vinamilk and began operating in 2010. Since then, this factory has continuously been invested in expanding and improving. Improved production capacity, with current design capacity of more than 282 million products per year. This factory produces many of Vinamilk's popular products, including Susu and Yomilk drinking yogurt, Sure Prevent ready-to-drink powdered milk for adults, Icy drinks, and many other products.

In order to meet the sustainable development strategy, Vietnam Beverage Factory has implemented many green and environmentally friendly production measures. These measures include the application of green and renewable energy, along with the use of modern technology to save energy such as heat circulation systems in product sterilization and water circulation systems in the process. product cooling.

Currently, the proportion of green and clean energy, including solar energy and CNG, accounts for more than 92% of total energy consumption at Vietnam Beverage Factory. According to the latest greenhouse gas inventory report, the plant's emissions in 2023 decreased by 30% compared to the previous year. Efforts to "green" the production process have helped the factory not only improve energy efficiency but also achieve strict international standards. The factory has been recognized for important certifications such as ISO 50001 for energy management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, and recently certified for carbon neutrality according to PAS 2060:2014 standards.

“A comprehensive and detailed inventory and assessment of emissions will equip businesses with an accurate view to develop an effective emissions reduction roadmap, moving towards the goal of carbon neutrality. methodically,” Mr. Le Duyen Anh, General Director of BSI Vietnam, shared. He also emphasized that the methods that Vinamilk applies at their factories can be considered a typical model for other businesses in the process of going green and contribute to Vietnam's overall Net Zero goal.

Previously, two other Vinamilk facilities, including Nghe An Dairy Factory and Nghe An Dairy Farm, became the first units in the dairy industry in Vietnam to achieve carbon neutral certification according to PAS standards. 2060:2014. This shows that, in less than a year after Vinamilk announced the Action Program "Vinamilk Pathways to Dairy Net Zero 2050," the company has succeeded in achieving this certification for its three units.

After launching the action program "Vinamilk Pathways to Dairy Net Zero 2050" in mid-2023, Vinamilk has continuously implemented projects to reduce carbon footprint and carried out tree planting activities to create green tanks. absorb greenhouse gases. The company is increasing the use of clean, green energy to replace fossil energy, while optimizing production processes to reduce emissions and be more environmentally friendly. In addition, Vinamilk also researches projects that help regenerate and circulate resources.

Green production is one of the four strategic pillars that Vinamilk sets to achieve the Net Zero goal, alongside sustainable livestock farming, environmentally friendly logistics, and sustainable consumption. Mr. Le Hoang Minh, Executive Director of Production and Head of Vinamilk's Net Zero project, said the company will continue to have more units achieve carbon neutrality in the near future, emphasizing the determination and steadfastness of Vinamilk. Vinamilk in reducing its carbon footprint on the journey to realizing its Net Zero commitment.

Mr. Le Hoang Minh expressed: "Vinamilk is actively implementing environmentally friendly technology solutions, converting to green energy and applying circular economy with the goal of building a factory model that not only modern, meeting international standards but also becoming increasingly greener. With determination from the board of directors and the continuous efforts of all employees, Vinamilk is committed to doing our best so that each product reaching consumers will have an increasingly smaller carbon footprint."

For a specific example, at the Vietnam Beverage Factory, 2023 saw 6 initiatives proposed by the factory's own employees, to save electricity and energy, successfully implemented. In addition, the factory has also applied many other activities such as using machines to process food waste into fertilizer for plants, machines to collect and classify product boxes for recycling, and using bicycles and electric vehicles. In the internal area, plant more trees, and apply digital solutions such as online browsing and document storage to reduce paper use, thereby contributing to the "greening" of the working environment.

Vinamilk, the leading company in the dairy industry in Vietnam, is applying nearly 20 international standard management systems across its entire chain of operations. This not only ensures that their products comply with strict food safety and hygiene standards, but also meets sustainability requirements. To continue to improve the effectiveness of these solutions, Vinamilk is actively cooperating with leading consultants and experts on sustainable development at home and abroad, to build strategies suitable to real conditions. economy of Vietnam.

In addition to activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Vinamilk is also implementing large projects to create carbon sinks, including maintaining and developing green tree funds at farms and factories, project to preserve more than 1,000 hectares of natural forest in Xieng Khouang, Laos, and a project to regenerate 25 hectares of mangrove forest in Mui Ca Mau National Park. In addition, within the framework of tree planting activities towards Net Zero 2050, Vinamilk also cooperated with Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper to implement the Net Zero Forest project, to contribute to the common effort to reduce carbon emissions globally bridge.

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